Add-Ons & Extensions

Here is a list of Firefox add-ons we use in our training.

When Mozilla update the Firefox browser, add-ons sometimes take a little while to be updated so may not function as expected immediately after a Firefox update.

Fireshot – browser based window capture tool

Nimbus – browser based window capture tool

Exif Viewer – exif data extraction tool – not working fully – works on web hosted images only – not locally hosted images

WXIF – exif data extraction tool with open strretmap feature

xIFr – exif data extraction tool with multiple map features

Google Image Search – reverse image search

TinEye – reverse image search

IP Address Domain Information – displays IP, hosting, MX and DNS data

User Agent Switcher – manage your digital footprint

Video Download Helper – extract videos from YouTube etc.

Unshorten.It! – URL unshortener

New Tab Homepage – Makes new tabs on as your homepage

HTTPS Everywhere – In-browser security tool

Country Flag – displays website host country flag and host IP address

Awesome Screenshot – screen capture tool

Google Translator for Firefox – what it says on the tin